Herb Storage


Keep Dried Medicinal Herbs Cool
Dried medicinal herbs keep freshest in a cool environment. Heat may cause essential plant oils to evaporate and reduces the potency of dried medicinal herbs. Choose a cool room in which to store your natural remedies.

Keep Dried Medicinal Herbs Dry
Excess moisture in the air can cause dried medicinal herbs to mold and spoil. When storing dried medicinal herbs, choose a dry location. A basement is fine in the arid Western United States. On the other hand, if you live in a humid area, the basement may be too damp for herb storage. Molds can contaminate medicinal herbs, rendering them useless or even dangerous. Also, try to keep medicinal herbs away fro light. Light is damaging to both fresh and dried medicinal herbs. It can quickly deteriorate the quality of herbs. Light can even cause chemical changes in fresh and dried medicinal herbs. Ever notice the brown bottles at the herbalist? These are to keep light from penetrating the glass.

Keep Dried Medicinal Herbs Airtight
Herbs need some air circulation while drying to prevent molding. Once herbs are dried, seal them in airtight jars for storage. This will keep them from drying further and losing potency. Store in small jars.

Keep Dried Medicinal Herbs in Glass
Glass is the best material for storing dried medicinal herbs. Why? Plastic emits fumes that can contaminate and spoil herbs. What's the best type of glass container to use? Canning jars are wonderful because they have a rubber seal. They aren't made from dark glass, so keep them in a cool, dark place. The best option for smaller quantities are covered brown glass apothecary jars.

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